Avoid Self-Inflicted Losses

By Properly Decommissioning Solid State Drive and Magnetic Drive Data. Inadequate destruction can result in lost business, damaged reputation, civil and criminal liability.

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Prevent Embedded Malware

Erase drives prior to deployment, to ensure that they are Malware Free.

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Available Through Data Security, Inc.

The S3CUR-ErasR© Device is now offered through Data Security, Inc., the leading American manufacturer and supplier of data destruction devices.

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Ensconce Data Technology (EDT) was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH USA. The company’s founders developed a charter to be recognized as the last word in data protection. EDT’s focus is on providing solutions to properly sanitize Solid State Drives (SSD) and Magnetic Drives (HDD) before they are disposed or redeployed.

All EDT products are manufactured under the company’s Dead on Demand™ label. This label assures that the user always retains care, custody and control of their SSD and HDD data and the drive data was destroyed beyond forensic reconstruction.

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Powered by Secure Erase

Secure Erase: Best Hard Drive Decommissioning Process Available

  • An IT Utility Tool that triggers the Secure Erase Command that is embedded in SSD and Magnetic Drive firmware that ensures that all data is erased, not just overwritten.
  • DS-200’s default routine for older hard drives and other interfaces is triple overwrite.
  • Ensures that all drives are erased prior to deployment, to ensure that they are Malware Free.
  • Avoids conflict created by the OS and BIOS

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The Shredder Technology
Compact Body Compact and portable device, only 13'' length X 12'' height X 8.5'' width.
Top Enclosure Rugged construction with built-in carrying handle.
Integrated Device Screen Eliminate the need for keyboard and mouse, facilitates portability and enhances security with access credentials.
3 Drive Bays with LED Indicators OFF: Vacant bay, available for use GREEN: Drive is loaded and ready, but no operation is taking place RED: Process is being executed, bay mechanically locked and password protected ORANGE: Reformatting / Re-imaging
Personality Block Quick easy connections to various drive formats, including:  ATA/IDE, SATA and SSD, 2.5" and 3.5"

A Robust, Portable IT Utility Tool

These are the Requirements for a Fail-Safe Decommissioning Strategy

  1. Destroy Data Beyond Forensic Recovery with Secure Erase
  2. Maintain Absolute Care, Custody and Control™ of the Process
  3. Provide a Certification Feature with a Defendable Audit Trail
  4. Ensure that the Process is Scalable and Easy to Implement
  5. Provide a Green Solution, Reformat & Re-image for Redeployment

DS-200 Meets All Five


Data security has become especially critical to the healthcare industry as patient privacy hinges on HIPAA compliance and secure adoption of electronic health records.


Government agencies need to protect the private information of its citizens as well as classified data from both internal and external threats.


In military operations, it is vital that secure deletion of sensitive data is fast, easy and effective.


Corporate data erasure is an important component of protecting clients, employees and information.